2017 Thales Data Threat Report
Retail Edition

U.S. Retailers appear to finally be turning the corner, with yearly data breach rates dropping from 22% last year to 19% this year. Retailers outside the U.S. are still experiencing spiraling breach rates.

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thales data threat report

Data Breaches – Putting Retailers at Risk

Overall, 52% experienced a breach. Data breaches in the last year dropped from 22% in our last year’s survey to 19% this year. And 11% of U.S. retail organizations (over half of those breached in the last year) failed to learn from previous mistakes and were breached both in the last year and previously. What are organizations doing about the problems? And what needs to change? Read the report for more detail.

Key Statistics


Vulnerable – 19% very or extremely vulnerable


Had a data breach overall – 19% in the last year, and 11% more than once


Increasing IT security spending. Up from 61% in 2016 and 62% in 2015

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2017 Thales Data Threat Report – Retail Edition Written by Garrett Bekker with 451 Research, this year’s Retail Edition takes a detailed look at the threats and trends shaping data security for retailers in the U.S., with comparisons to their peers around the world. Download Now